Corporate Social Responsibility

Minimize any negative impacts associated with the activities of the company.

Build credibility and confidence in the markets.

Identify opportunities based on the analysis of trends and expectations.

A constantly evolving CSR policy

We perform annual audits of quality, safety and environment issues to ensure the responsible development of our company. We study each process carefully, making investments that improve infrastructure (machinery, auxiliary equipment, etc.) and allow us to ensure sustainability.

Grupo Tirso RSC


Grupo Tirso RSC

High standards in waste management

Since 1956 we have adhered to a strict environmental policy, making advances in improving waste management by looking for better alternatives. In 2011 we registered a patent for the decontamination of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons in collaboration with the UC.

In terms of energy, less is more

At Tirso we aim to reduce consumption in all our processes. At our new installations we have adopted energy-saving tools, such as collecting rainwater in a cistern and re-using it for sanitation; or improving our electricity consumption through passive measures in the design of our facilities. At present, we are developing a project to generate energy through the installation of a wind turbine.


Grupo Tirso RSC

The goal of global traceability

We work towards the responsible management of all internal company processes: machinery, commercial management and customer service in order to ensure global traceability to our CSR policy.

Training is progress

We support training inside and outside the company. We encourage the specialization of our workers through recycling courses and give universities, institutes, colleges and vocational training centres access to our expertise and facilities.


Grupo Tirso RSC

Family business

Family values are commitment, loyalty, trust and long-term vision, all of which are present in the way we do things.

Working with and for people

We are committed to human rights. We work to ensure gender equality in salaries and responsibilities, and pay close attention to the balance between family/home life and work.
We have been signees of the UN Human Rights pact since 2014.
Our company employs people with disabilities.

Social Projects

Grupo Tirso RSC

Solidaridad de hierro

Since its beginning in 1956 Tirso has been committed to improving society, supporting many social causes, many charities, we well as many social, sports and cultural organisations both in the region and throughout Spain.


  • Ateneo de Santander.
  • Botín Foundation.
  • Albéniz Foundation.
  • Santander Paloma O'Shea International Piano Competition.


  • Trustee of the Ramon Sota Foundation.

Education and training

  • CISE. Friendly Crops.
  • COIE.
  • Josef Ajram: Leadership and Motivation at Work.
  • Environmental Forum environmental awareness.
  • IES Valle de Piélagos (Renedo).
  • Dueso Prison.


  • Theodora Foundation..
  • Amica Association.
  • Ampros Association.
  • Coorcopar Association.
  • Well Project in Mali.


Grupo Tirso RSC

R & D Innovation / Research + Tirso

Innovation / Research + Work / Tenacity / Mainstreaming / Transparency.
Innovation and development are part of our corporate culture as a fundamental means to fulfil our commitment to serve our customers, to generate new practices that provide alternatives for creating value and improving our competitiveness in the sector, thus ensuring the company access to new opportunities and business lines.


In 2007 our adventure with Erzia Technologies in the telecommunications and aerospace sector began, leading to the creation of Santander Teleport in a joint venture with the American multinational MTN.
In 2011 we founded the biotechnology company Cellbiocan with Jose Luis Fernandez Moon, Head of the Molecular Genetics Unit of IDIVAL. We are currently working on the 2nd phase of the “Feel” project, working on the detection of tumour cells in blood, with the collaboration of the Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital, the University of Cantabria, research organisation IK4Tekniker, and insurance company Igualatorio Médico Quirúrgico..


Grupo Tirso RSC

United by Commitment

We seek a commitment to our customers and suppliers who believe in a more responsible way of doing things, moving towards a more sustainable and ethical business relationship.

Guarantee of Responsibility

Our work is supported by accreditations and certification in Quality, Safety and Environmental Issues, allowing us to be more competitive and sustainable.