Grupo Tirso

Tirso is composed by a conglomerate of companies with a clear historical link to the recycling, environmental management and steel sectors; through three companies: Hierros y Metales Tirso, Tirso CSA and Hierros Tirso Canarias.

In addition, our group has maintained throughout its career a clear vocation towards diversification in search of new challenges, which has led us to be present in other activities such as the development and management of industrial land, satellite telecommunications, aerospace industry, and biotechnology.


Hierros y Metales Tirso

Grupo Tirso

A 15,300m2 Waste Transfer Centre equipped with the latest equipment for processing and managing by-products and hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Tirso CSA

Grupo Tirso

Steel Service Center with 25.000 m2, of which approximately 12.000 m2 are under cover, which covers the distribution of steel products and supplies, by performing flame cutting, plasma cutting, slitting, drilling, blasting and painted steel structures. We also perform heat treatment of large volume steel parts and we have a highly qualified engineering department.

Hierros Tirso Canarias

Grupo Tirso

Steel Service Center with 6.000 m2, leading the distribution of steel products and supplies, by performing flame cutting, plasma cutting, slitting, drilling, blasting and painting of steel structures.

Erzia Technologies

Grupo Tirso

State-of-the-art facilities with clean rooms where we provide electronic RF, microwave and communication systems, digital electronics, mechanics, software and integrated development of products for the aerospace and defense markets, for the most complex missions where reliability and ruggedness are vital.

Santander Teleport

Grupo Tirso

A state-of-the-art operations infrastructure managed by a fully manned 24/7 network operations center team provides secure, efficient and reliable infrastructure:

  • 24/7/365 NOC with English & Spanish speaking operators to deliver quality service to global customers.
  • Main technical facility with engineering, operations and technical support.
  • 4,400 m2 area with expansion planned to up to 10,025m2.
  • All systems fully redundant and dimensioned for future growth.
  • Redundant UPS, battery backup, diesel generators and fuel storage in case of failure of commercial power.
  • Air-conditioning and fire protection systems in all hub and server rooms.
  • Access controls, movement detection system and video surveillance.
  • Secure protection fencing surrounding the perimeter.
  • Physically separate cable ducts ensuring dual and diverse connectivity in/out of the building.


Grupo Tirso

Participation and joint collaboration of three institutions with extensive experience in research - IDIVAL (Research Centre linked to the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital), UC (Optics Group at the University of Cantabria) and IK4-TEKNIKER (Tech Center) -, with the project coordination and further industrial development of the product, by CELLBIOCAN.

González Portilla Promociones

Grupo Tirso

Suelo Industrial Marina y Medio Cudeyo

Grupo Tirso

Mission and values

Our mission at Tirso is to provide the best possible service and materials to our customers and suppliers, playing close attention to the sustainable development of the area we work in, and with the utmost respect and protection of the environment.

Our values, which were instilled in the company since it was founded in 1956 by Tirso Gonzalez and his wife, Maximina Portilla, are centred on two fundamental principles: dialogue, as an expression of the spirit of negotiation and the search for new business options and opportunities; and the respect for others as an expression of the conviction that anyone involved in our operations: staff, customers, suppliers, etc. are all important and can bring value or knowledge to the company.

Our mission focuses on the objective of achieving sustained and sustainable medium to long-term growth, based on the commitment of all our staff, rewarding the collective effort of individual performance and maintaining consistency in the decisions we take in the course of time, aimed at achieving our objectives to the maximum extent.

Based on these principles, Tirso continues to develop its activities with a view to achieving even more ambitious objectives.