Inauguration of the 2nd edition of Talent Girl, a program developed in Cantabria by Mujer & Talento

Sat, 11/24/2018

Cristina Lanzagorta, commercial director of Partners and Alliances of Microsoft Iberica, has starred in the first master class of the 2nd edition of Stem Talent Girl Cantabria, held at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Santander. An educational project promoted by "Mujer & Talento" Association and the ASTI Foundation, whose mission is to inspire, educate and empower the next generation of women leaders in science and technology. 149 ESO students and 102 high school students from 48 schools in the region have enrolled in this project, which started this Saturday with the second edition of the 'Science for Her' program and the first edition of the 'Mentor Women' program .

Cristina Lanzagorta explained to the students that "we are living in a moment in which there is an imbalance between business needs and the professional offer of the labor market". The expert said that "there is a lack of digital talent" and that now "there are more than 2 million jobs that are not being able to be filled despite youth unemployment" due, mainly, to "the lack of professionals with skills and technological training adequate. " To meet these needs and fill jobs that do not yet exist, Lanzagorta defends continuous and multidisciplinary training, thus avoiding remaining "obsolete". "It is not just about having knowledge in computer science and technology, but business knowledge in the different areas of the humanities to which that technology is going to be applied," she added.

Inauguration of the 2nd edition of Talent Girl
In the opening ceremony of the 2nd edition of Stem Talent Girl Cantabria were present, Javier González Portilla, president of "Mujer & Talento" Association, and Rubén Martínez, director of organizational development of the ASTI Foundation. Both have thanked the support received by this educational program both by public institutions in the region and by the business sector. They also recalled that the training of the students is possible thanks to the collaboration and the experience of the mentors who participate in the program.

González Portilla has announced that, this year, "Mujer y Talento" Association will also work in the field of culture. In addition, they will continue to support the sport, through the women's basketball club CD Talent, of which he is also president, and education. Specifically, the association will organize a concert with O Globo, a quintet of young musicians from the Reina Sofia High School, which together with the musical adviser Álvaro Guibert will bring classical music to girls and their families.
On the other hand, Martinez has affirmed that Cantabria has been one of the autonomous communities with more inscriptions. The Stem Talent Girl project, which was born three years ago with the aim of "empowering the next generation of women in the STEM field", now has 250 registered students from the region.

Institutional support
The inauguration of the 2nd edition of STEM Talent Girl has also had the presence of the Vice President of the Government of Cantabria, Eva Díaz Tezanos, who has reiterated her support to this educational program and the Women and to "Mujer & Talento" Association since, in her opinion, it works on "two fundamental pillars" to reduce the gender gap: the empowerment of women and girls and fraternity among women. Díaz Tezanos, said that it is necessary to work together to "promote concerns in STEM careers" in such a way that girls do not underestimate their scientific and technological skills.
For his part, the Regional Minister of Education, Francisco Fernández Mañanes, said that in a digital and hyperconnected society, as is the current one, "we can not allow an unequal society in which only a few have access to quality knowledge". For this reason, it has highlighted its "maximum commitment" with this program, whose main objective is "to educate in equality".
The mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, also highlighted the work done by "Mujer & Talento" Association in the region and congratulated the students of the program and their families for deciding to be part of the project. The same has encouraged young women not to miss any master class because they can acquire "more knowledge" to choose their studies. "You have conditions to do it, you have the support of society and if you believe it and your families support you, the world is yours," she concluded.


Mujer y talento, talent girl, cantabria, santander, palacio de exposiciones
Mujer y talento, talent girl, cantabria, santander, palacio de exposiciones
Mujer y talento, talent girl, cantabria, santander, palacio de exposiciones
Mujer y talento, talent girl, cantabria, santander, palacio de exposiciones