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Encuentros de Música y Academia

Sat, 07/15/2023

Like every summer, the Music and Academy Meeting, held in Santander, is an event promoted jointly by the Government of Cantabria and the Albéniz Foundation under the organization of the Reina Sofía Superior School of Music and the collaboration of the Santander City Council.

International music masters come to our city every year with future promises, with continuous training sessions and rehearsals to share with the public a series of concerts in which the experience of some and the energy of others are combined to produce music of extraordinary intensity.

Students from CEIP Virgen de Valencia de Renedo de Piélagos visit our factory in Parbayón.

Tue, 07/11/2023

Humility, effort, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, competitiveness, confidence, demand or enthusiasm are some of the values ​​that Grupo Tirso transmitted to primary school students at CEIP Virgen de Valencia in Renedo de Piélagos. From the beginning of the visit to their educational center, the students kept in mind our motto “Team Power”. “If you are good persom, you are enthusiastic and you have an attitude, you will be able to do whatever you want,” Carolina González responded, when asked if it was very easy to do her job.

demolition of the highest building in Santander

Fri, 02/14/2020
Grupo Tirso, cementos alfa, puerto de santander, zona franca, demolición, silos, maquinaria de demolición,  hierros y metales tirso

At the beginning of 2020, Hierros y Metales Tirso together with the Rucecan company began the demolition of the old buildings that Cementos Alfa owns in the Free Trade Zone of Santander. These are considered as the highest properties in the whole autonomous capital, Cantabria. The main role of the Works will be the removal of fiber cement; garbage and wood, the demolition of warehouses and low parts of the building, generating these last work a platform that allows the backhoe machine to work comfortably and quickly over greater heights.


Tue, 10/15/2019

Santander hosts today the meeting on the statewide matter, organized by the Autonomous Chamber of Commerce, the public company Sodercan and EIT Climate-KIC, the European Innovation and Knowledge Community that works to accelerate the transition to an emission-free economy carbon. The main theme of the event will be the circular economy, based on not recycling but on redesigning and reusing resources and products.


Mon, 11/20/2017
Tirso, Jornada diversidad Cruz Roja

Gema Camus, Head of Prevention, Environment and Quality Department of Hierros y Metales Tirso SA, participated in the program "Diversity Management in the company", within the project "A Corporate Social Challenge", organized by Cruz Roja in the Gran Casino of Santander, exposing the importance of people for Grupo Tirso.

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Tirso participa en la jornada "La prevención de Riesgos Laborales en el ámbito penal"

Thu, 10/20/2016
Tirso, prevención de riesgos laborales

Gema Camus, Responsable del departamento de PRL, Medio Ambiente y Calidad de Hierros y Metales Tirso S.A., participó de la mesa redonda "Responsabilidad penal y prevención de riesgos laborales" moderada por D.Amalio Sánchez Grande, Director del Instituto Cántabro de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo (ICASST), durante la jornada organizada por la CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria "La PRL en el ámbito penal".

Javier Gonzalez, participa en el segundo debate organizado por el Diario Montañés y CEOE, ¿qué está pasando en Cantabria?

Mon, 09/26/2016
Grupo Tirso, Diario Montañés, Cantabria

A long-term plan for the Cantabrian business network serving the sector to become more productive and competitive. This is what employers are demanding to themselves and also demand the regional government. "Everyone talks about the need to create industry in the region. But until there is a roadmap agreed by all, we can not meet the necessary structural changes to keep us afloat.

Tirso colabora en la primera edición de los Premios Emprendedores Cantabria 2016

Tue, 05/24/2016
Tirso, premios emprendedores de cantabria, recuperación y reciclaje, siderurgia

El objetivo de los premios Emprendedores Cantabria es promocionar y fomentar el emprendimiento, una iniciativa creada por el Diario Montañés, que nace con vocación de continuidad y que en su primera edición tiene como galardonados al grupo Armando Álvarez, en el apartado de mejor trayectoria; Lucía y Carlos Zamora, del grupo Deluz, como emprendedor del año; y Ana y Gema Coria, de Vega Pelayo-La Constancia, que han recibido el reconocimiento a la mujer emprendedora.