Students from CEIP Virgen de Valencia de Renedo de Piélagos visit our factory in Parbayón.

Tue, 07/11/2023

Humility, effort, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, competitiveness, confidence, demand or enthusiasm are some of the values ​​that Grupo Tirso transmitted to primary school students at CEIP Virgen de Valencia in Renedo de Piélagos. From the beginning of the visit to their educational center, the students kept in mind our motto “Team Power”. “If you are good persom, you are enthusiastic and you have an attitude, you will be able to do whatever you want,” Carolina González responded, when asked if it was very easy to do her job. “Always keeping in mind the values ​​that guided the path of my grandfather and my father would be a good start”, our Innovatios Director clarified.

She and Javier González, our President, were in charge of explaining to the students aspects such as the relevance of being rooted in the territory, the value of commitment within the human team or the importance of listening to previous generations. "Although he is a figure that I have very much in mind, I could not ask my grandfather anything, do not miss out on that opportunity," Carolina concluded.

This talk, framed within the training program "Family Business in the Classrooms", has given students a first approach to the reality of business families in the region and in our country. "Family Businesses are essential to generate prosperity and social well-being," said Javier González. Only in Cantabria, this type of company represents 61.8% of GDP and generates 82.5% of employment "Think that large companies such as Zara or Mercadona are also family businesses," he qualified to the surprise of the youngest.

Talent, motivation and the ability to work as a team were a constant in an exhibition in which the Women and Talent Association was also discussed. A project led by Grupo Tirso that works to facilitate the development of female talent in the region through high-impact programs and talks.

The session concluded with a lively question-and-answer session in which the professionals of the future asked questions prior to the visit they will make to the company's headquarters, located in Parbayón.