Tirso is part of the first spanish Defense Industry Cluster

Wed, 07/10/2019

The first Defense Industry Cluster in Spain was founded last wednesday, formed by 18 companies and 5 institutions, in which Grupo Tirso, Erzia Technologies and Santander Teleport are present.

Luis García, CEO of Erzia and Santander Teleport, is the president of the Cluster. He explained during the press conference that it is aiming to be "a useful tool" for the support and empowerment of this industrial sector that has "an important presence" in Cantabria but which is "not very visible" despite the development of "high technology" defense systems and services.

Therefore, he pointed that the cluster will try to give "visibility" to this work to have a "social recognition", as well as work together between companies and institutions, for getting "more value" and generating "wealth and jobs".

More info: https://www.ifomocantabria.es/articulo/cantabria/18-empresas-5-instituci...



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